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¬†Kenyan-American Woman Soars on Eagle’s Wings

By Tyler R. Tichelaar “Superior Book Promotions¬†…

Emily Soroko has written one of the most spiritually uplifting and inspirational books in years with “Rising Above Adversity.” The book’s cover of an eagle flying across a sunlit sky was inspired not only by the beauty of her native Kenya but the depiction of the eagle in the Bible; this magnificent bird serves as an analogy for how adversity makes people stronger and leads them on to the next great adventure in their lives.

Growing up in Kibera, Kenya, Emily Soroko learned early in life what she did not want and she was determined to beat it. While Kibera was more like a rural village during her early childhood, as she watched her home develop into a slum, she became determined instead to travel to distant lands and live a rich, fulfilling life like the visitors to Kenya she saw flying there in their planes. With the help of a strong lioness-like grandmother who constantly set a powerful example for her, and with a strong belief in God, Emily managed to live in several different countries and have numerous adventures, from award-winning jewelry designer to directing and producing fashion shows to becoming an American citizen and working in the Department of State in Washington D.C.

Soroko’s personal story of life in Kenya and how she overcame her own adversities is a rich reading experience, but in addition, Soroko tells the stories of famous people who beat all odds to succeed; she ties in biblical stories of heroic men and women whose faith carried them through difficult times, and she honors friends and family members who played a significant role in her life, helping her become courageous and faithful in the Lord.

“Rising Above Adversity” is a testament to the Christian faith like few I have seen before. Whether or not someone shares Soroko’s spiritual beliefs, her faith and her enthusiasm are contagious and will resonate with any reader who wants to believe a better life is possible or who is seeking a way to work through the obstacles in his or her path. While the biblical stories in the book are well known, their power never fades and they come alive again here. As an added bonus, Soroko takes the reader on a tour of the Holy Land as she describes her recent visit there and what it meant to her to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and other great men and women of faith. Overall, “Rising Above Adversity” is a positive book, one that brings people together rather than dividing them over religious differences. As Soroko testifies in her book, her life has been a gradual journey in understanding of God and in the increasing of her faith:

“As little kids going to the Greek Orthodox church, at one time I thought God lived in the church, so if I wanted to talk to Him, I had to go to church. If I had been mischievous, I would be afraid to go to church because He might see me and know what I had done, and punish me. I did not understand much about this Heavenly Father. All I knew was I could talk to Him through prayer anytime, even though He was not visible.

“As I grew up, my spiritual knowledge and understanding of the Father also grew. Despite all my apprehension deep inside, I knew He was all I got, so I stuck with Him. I thought about Him, I prayed to Him, and I wondered about Him. And just like any other relationship, I had to spend time with the Father to get a glimpse of who He is. Unlike in my earlier years, I now know that He is full of love and mercy, and He forgives our sins. He is not against me. He is for me.”

“Rising Above Adversity” is bound to become a modern Christian classic. It’s a book worthy to sit on the shelf beside “The Purpose-Driven Life,” “The Shack,” and “The Hiding Place.” Emily Soroko’s story and her wonderful analogies of the Christian life are sure to remain in readers’ minds and hearts long after the last page is turned. Even non-believers who read this book will feel motivated and inspired to face adversity, overcome their fears, and lead purposeful, enriching lives.

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and author of the award-winning “Narrow Lives”

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