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You have changed my Life
Much to your surprise, after reading your book it changed my life and I resigned from my job and started my own business.  I appreciate your blessing.   You are a great soul and I am honored to know you.  Thanks a million for your advice and I hope to see you soon.
Many thanks.

Shano B. Kapadia, Falls Church, Virginia

You Transformed My Life and Ministry
Great woman, you are too much, no doubt that God indeed has made you a coach, to keep manifest peoples essence on the planet earth. Yes! I was affected by your ministry. One of your morning session in MANIFEST 2010 of Mercy Tabernacle Church, Lagos Nigeria, has transformed my life and ministry. You said on that very morning that “the door is open to you, walk into it, now, begin to demonstrate it” which of course I did with all seriousness and thus placed me on the pedestal of manifesting destiny. I have not recovered from those words you injected into my being and am not wishing to. Great woman, i am about to release a book titled WHERE IS MY MONEY? and am dedicating it you because some of the things you taught actually gave birth to it, I would also love to have you endorse it. I know it’s possible!. In fact, you are a blessing to my LIFE and MINISTRY, you have made an indelible impact on my Life and Ministry, you have created a LANDMARK!. God bless you, oh Great Woman of GOD. Am anticipating hearing from you soon.

Muel Saint Williams, Lagos, Nigeria

An uplifting and genuine personal story of faith overcoming obstacles
I had a chance to read this inspirational book and would definitely recommend it. Ms. Soroko’s book is a personal story of struggle, hope and fulfillment. I was inspired by the picture of her as a young woman in Kibera, surrounded by difficulties but determined to surmount them, facing disappointment but with her head held high, and above all, grounded on an amazing bedrock of faith that sustains all hope. She opens up to us a very personal portrait, and through her honest writing and heartfelt desire to lend light to others, gives us a powerful example of God’s faithfulness. Ms. Soroko has shared her genuine personal story, combined with biblical teachings and stories of others who have overcome adversity, to give hope to others.

Craig Hanson


Hi Minister Emily,
I am from Guyana, I am currently reading, inter alia, your book. I am only at page 15 as of February 19, 2011 and I am already making highlights. The contents of this book has already began to affect my life and that of my family, one of the phrases that I highlighted in these few pages that I have read is “…we can control how we respond…” This has been such a timely reminder for me and a good support for my 10 year old daughter, who had a situation concerning her practical homework being spoilt accidentally by her brother and she got all nervous and angry to the point of tears. I guided her with my words, then the Holy Ghost told me to show her the phrase I highlighted in your book –‘it is how we respond’, I did and explained it to her. She was better and I know it ministered to her, as it did to me. As I continue reading, I pray God, that I will continue commenting.

Thank you for coming and being a wonderful blessing!

Excellence Dazzell, Georgetown, Guyana

Reading your book
Finally got the book. Thanks for the autograph!!! You chose a great writing style for it. It’s so much fun and easy to read, it’s amazing. I find myself laughing out loud enough times, yet being challenged and enlightened at the same time.Minot, North Dakota

Daniel Ngugi,

I’ve really been inspired by your book.
God bless you
Annah Maingi, Nairobi, Kenya





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